Advertising People Magazine Is Flooded

Because the magazine itself is about celebrities, the advertisements often use celebrity endorsements. Product manufacturers assume that their audience will trust a celebrity spokesperson. Ad placements for charity donations almost always use a celebrity endorser. Gender is a major theme in People ads, which pander to stereotypical images of males, females, and heterosexual relationships. Men and women from different ethnic heritages are featured in the People ads, albeit with far more images of Caucasians than any other group. Beauty, though, seems standardized: both men and women are slim, trim, physically attractive and dressed in trendy clothing.

Consumerism is the main theme shared in common by all the advertisements in People. Regardless of the actual product being pushed, all the advertisements suggest that the readers life will not be complete without a certain product. The reader might also learn that he or she will not be cool or hip without a certain product too, and therefore the reader is compelled to shop in order to live up to the celebrity images that permeate People magazine..


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