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It also stands out from other leopard subspecies because of its fur that has large rosettes and a vibrant color and it can grow to approximately 7 cm long during the winter time.

Due to the fact that deer and other prey species have started to fall in numbers, the leopard and the tiger have began to search for prey inside villages and farms. This gave people another reason to intervene in the process of endangering the species as a farmer would care less of an endangered species than of his profit.

The Amur leopards most important enemies are men, who take advantage of every chance they get of harming the animal through pollution, the cutting of forests and through poaching for fur and bones. A great mistake that people make while considering the issue of the Amur leopard as an endangered species is that they tend to compare it to other leopard subspecies which are very numerous.

On the other hand, the people trying to protect the species are attempting to convince others to finance the activity of protecting the Amur leopard, but despite the efforts of its supporters, little has been done concerning the issue and most people have preferred to pay no attention to the situation.

The Amur leopard individuals that live in captivity are not influencing the flourishing of the species because of improper breeding that often takes place. Because there are very little individuals left, breeding between close relatives tend to take place and from the approximately 150 leopards living in captivity, only as much as 12 animals are of pure breed.

In 1998, the Russian government adopted a strategy for the conservation of the Amur leopard.”(Fomenko, Pavel) in recent years Amur leopard lovers have started to raise funds and to encourage others to support the cause. Several organizations have begun to support anti-poaching and to attempt to stop the trafficking of Amur leopard trophies. Efforts are also being made to increase the amount of prey the Amur leopard is usually feeding on in his natural environment.

The survival of the Amur leopard now depends on our efforts we are responsible for bringing the species to the verge of extinction. The main action that needs to be done concerning the issue is to make people understand the vital importance of wildlife and of the natural world.

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