One of these is Chapter 2 of Title 15, Subchapter 1, Section 45. This Section regulates unfair methods of commerce and competition. These methods are declared as unlawful under the act. The Section specifically relates to national and local practices, as opposed to foreign trade, and therefore applies to our proposed partnership. “Unfair” practices are defined as those practices that are likely to cause some injury to other businesses within the United States, or involving material conduct within the United States. When businesses engage in unfair or deceptive acts of commerce, they are obliged by law to provide remedies to all injured parties, whether foreign or domestic.

The Sherman Act of 1890 and all its amendments should also be carefully scrutinized and implemented in our partnership ventures. This Act is the basis upon which most antitrust American laws are built. Generally, businesses are prohibited from creating unfair competition in terms of pricing, quality, or a combination of the two.

In conclusion, I believe that partnerships are an important way in which to establish inter-organizational trust between ourselves and other companies providing similar services.

By combining our services with those of others, we can serve the public interest by providing them with the best each company has to offer, and discarding what is redundant. In health care, the main objective is to serve the public interest. A suitable balance should then be found between this goal and abiding by antitrust and fair competition rules and statutes. It is projected that our future partnership plans can mean better service to the public, while also increasing the competitive edge of our company and that of our partners.


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