Anwar Venture Corporation

Anwar Venture Corporation is supportive of entrepreneurship and especially related to entrepreneurship among disabled and handicapped U.S. armed services veterans. The Board of Directors is answerable directly to stakeholders in the company. Next, in the hierarchy of the organizational structure are managers and supervisors in human resources and venture funding departments. Human Resources is further in charge of and responsible for all employee hiring, orientation, training, locational placement, as well as other matters concerning employee – company matters. Anwar Venture Corporation has an open-door policy and employees are highly encouraged to approach their immediate supervisor and manager and speak directly and concisely to them in relation to any concerns, problems, or challenges that the employee faces while in the employment of Anwar Venture Corporation.


Anwar Venture Corporation will not tolerate sexual harassment in any form whatsoever and individuals having been found guilty of committing acts of sexual harassment will be immediately and irrevocably terminated from the employment of Anwar Venture Corporation. Sexual harassment may take several forms including:

1) Physical (touching or making other unwanted and inappropriate physical contact);

2) Verbal (innuendos, suggestiveness, catcalls, whistles, comments on someones body, telling inappropriate risque jokes, etc.);

3) Insinuated sexual interchange through making motions, which are sexually suggestive in nature.

1. Employees Required to Attend the Training Session

All Anwar Venture Corporation employees will be required to attend sexual harassment training as well as will all companies that will be in receipt of Anwar Venture funding in their business venture.

2. Content Outline for the Training Program

The sexual harassment training program will provide the following training material:

a) Definition of sexual harassment;

b) Manner of acting or use of language that constitutes sexual harassment;

Outcomes of commission of sexual harassment;

d) Procedures for reporting sexual harassment;

e) Methods of dealing with inter-workplace sexual harassment incidents;

f) Procedures for documenting sexual harassment reports;

g) Procedures for handling the complication of sexual harassment in the workplace;

h) Procedure for dismissing employees who have been guilty of sexual harassment.

A i) Ongoing training and support for keeping sexual harassment out of the workplace.

3. Examples to Illustrate Training Materials

Training materials will include case scenarios of various types that illustrate clearly, what constitutes sexual harassment ensuring that no employee is unclear about what sexual harassment is after having fulfilled the requirement of the sexual harassment training module.

4. Process and Method of Investigation of Sexual Harassment

Upon an employee reporting an incident of sexual harassment, a full investigation will ensue. This investigation will be assisted by an independent sexual harassment caseworker in order to avoid any possible bias.


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