According to the company, the concept of kyosei. extends to all of its business enterprises, including research and development, product manufacturing, marketing, sales, and product distribution.

Specifically, Canon strives to conserve energy, resources, and the minimization of potentially dangerous chemicals and industrial by-products. In principle, Canon hopes to preserve the environment and the earths physical resources through implementing industrial conservation efforts and practices, recycling programs and policies, educational programs, and social initiatives consistent with the overall goal of “… building a better world for future generations” (Canon U.S.A., Inc., 2008).

The entire Canon corporate philosophy is expressed in eight fundamental tenants of corporate social responsibility: To continuously improve environmental assurance and performance throughout corporate operations at every level;

To comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and additional mandates of its corporate stakeholders;

To aggressively pursue pollution-prevention and minimization strategies and apply those equally to energy and other natural resource conservation;

To improve awareness of environmental issues and concerns among its employees and encourage responsible individual practices in that regard;

To promote and conduct ongoing research into methods of minimizing negative global environmental impact at all stages of the product life cycle from inception and design through disposal;

To purchase products, materials, and systems that are consistent with the concept of environmental preservation;

To promote and encourage responsible product collection and recycling; and to maintain relationships with government entities and local and regional communities for the coordination of programs and initiatives that facilitate environmentally responsible goals, and to disclose related information detailing the success of Canons corporate policies and environmental conservation and preservation efforts (Canon U.S.A.

, Inc., 2008). According to Adachi, Canon combines the kyosei concept as an “economically logical” approach to business that maximizes the quality of life and prosperity of its customers by producing the highest quality products possible in conjunction with community efforts designed to improve the lives of everyone in the local community and to promote respect for the global environment for the benefit of the entire world community. Canon implements its environmental responsibilities my incorporating those values throughout its corporate culture and management structure, as well as in all phases of product design and manufacturing (Canon U.S.A., Inc., 2008).


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