Business Communication According to Daniel

All of the phases are continuously present, although one may predominate at different times, depending on the nature of the group. (Wheelan, 1990, 15)

Though some would consider the functions stressed by Wheelan above are not reflective of a business group, the truth is that all social situations require a sense of fulfillment of social needs that stresses independence, to some degree.

Promotion of its Members Personal and Professional Development.

Some might consider that final of the three measures of group success to personal for a business dynamic and yet it is also clear that group participation depends on the willingness of its members to make sacrifices that are equal to or lesser than those things they might gain. “Individuals have goals that may be shared with others in the group, or they may be divergent and personal.” (Gottlieb, 2003, 11) it then becomes clear why the development of the five needs of successful groups are utilized to develop the evaluation of the works of such groups, clear goals, appropriate leadership, organizational support, suitable tasks, and accountability are all fundamental aspects of the development of the three final evaluation tools.


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