Business for Sale the Modifications

Established in 2003, the business can be run from home.

Kennel with Grooming Facility (Suffolk County): sales for $499,000, registers $450,000 annual sales and a net profit of $40,000. Opened in 1994, the store is located on the main road.

Pet Grooming Salon (Rockland County): the asking price is of $60,000, the annual revenues of $49,963 and the net profits of $26,006. Operating since 1986, the company is located at the border of New York and New Jersey

Dog Grooming Biz (Suffolk County): it asks for $150,000, registers $210,000 annual sales and $100,000 net profits. It is located in a highly competitive area and the seller is not flexible to the payment method.

Pet Grooming Salon (Long Island): the asking price is of $180,000, with $250,000 in annual sales and a profit of $110,000. It offers both products as well as grooming services.

Pet Grooming Business (Long Island): it goes for $125,000 and annual revenues of $227,000; net profit of $75,000. With 30 years of experience, they offer high quality services and have built a loyal customer palette.

Pet Shop and Groomer (Queens County): the asking price is of $80,000, with annual revenues of $104,000 and a net profit of $72,508. Operating for ten years, the company has yet to reach its maximum potential.

The company that best meets the desired requirements is the Pet Grooming Business in Long Island. Not only do they meet the criteria of specialized and dedicated personnel, a vast customer palette, an excellent reputation and real profits, but the owner is opened to discussing methods of payment. The financing possibilities within the pets industry are generically vast, but this only applies in theory, as in practice, there are those owners who want all the money up front and are not open to discussions. In other words, financing a business in the pest industry is as challenging as with any other business and extremely sensitive to the agreements reached by seller and buyer.

The return on investment upon purchasing the Pet Grooming Business would be available in two years, meaning as such that the credit officer would feel inclined to approve the loan.

The success of the purchased business is guaranteed by various factors, including the location, the loyal customer base, the vast expertise or the still large numbers of underserved clients. The pets industry within the United States is a growing one, in both numbers of owned pets, as well as the spendings owners make with their animals. The expenditures on pets are generally done for the purchase of four primary types of items and services: food, services, veterinary services and supplies. “Two-thirds of American households spent almost $40 billion on pets in 2006. Mostly on dogs. Pet owners are consumers with serious purchasing power and unique habits and represent a compelling target market for many businesses” (Dillon Media, 2008). The industry is an attractive one more over when it is understaffed and is not serving the customers as well as it could. In Los Angeles for instance, there are more pets than children. And they are currently underserved due to the shortage of both retailers and service providers. Foremost, an interesting point raising the attention of a potential buyer into the pet industry is that throughout the following four years, the numbers of pets owned in the households is expected to triple (Pet Industry Weekly, 2006).


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