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This, along with the dichotomies of race, income and education levels influences the attitudes and feelings that each child brings to the facility. Educators need to be sensitive to this.

It is recommended that a thorough investigation be made of the issues facing the various types of children entering the facility. Mothers who work, for example, may do so out of a desire for self-fulfillment, while others may do so out of necessity for earning extra income for the family. Concomitantly, children of single parents may have a different set of problem from those with both parents. These investigations can be done with the help of the parents involved.

From the investigation, profiles can be created of each student, containing information regarding background influences and concomitantly possible interactional problems. The education professional can then group students according to their specific needs in order to optimize the education process for all involved.

A child care facility should be aware of all social and political factors that could influence the individual children in their care. Childrens concomitant needs should then be identified, and children with similar needs grouped together.

When specific needs are met and problems mitigated, children can be integrated into larger or different groups in order to encourage a process of socialization.

Early childhood education can benefit all children if implemented in a way that is optimal to the needs of the child. Student profiles should then also be updated according to the development of each child, and regular parent conferences should be held in order to provide further insight into the situation of each child.


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