Civil Law the Right to

Obviously, if the doctors were following established medical procedures and the patient died, such an award seems ridiculous. However, if the doctors lied about the treatment being received or refused to treat a patient because of a personal characteristic, such as race or religion, then such a huge award would send a message to other doctors not to engage in such behavior. While capping award amounts in medical malpractice suits seems tempting, the fact is that some acts of malpractice result in the need for expensive lifelong treatment for the victim, which may not be covered under those caps. Therefore, medical malpractice lawsuits should not be burdened by recovery caps.


The three adults I spoke with all believed that medical malpractice lawsuits should be capped. They cited malpractice suits as one of the major reasons for todays exorbitant health insurance rates, and suggested that if comprehensive health care were more affordable, even damaged patients would be assured of life-long care, without having to rely upon limitless recoveries in malpractice suits. While this argument is appealing, it would be necessary to first ensure that all Americans had access to affordable health insurance before implementing such.


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