Communications My Fantasy Dinner the

In addition, he is a fine speaker, and his opinions would be interesting to combine with the other guests. Along with Clinton, I would invite Eleanor Roosevelt, because she became known as a premier political leader after her husbands death, and she helped draft the Global Bill of Rights for the United Nations after World War II. I would want her perspectives on the world today, and what she would to help solve the worlds problems. I would ask Theodore Roosevelt to attend, as he would add a note of frontiersman to the event, and I would especially like to hear his take on the world today, since he was known as a “maverick” of his time. I would also want to know his feelings on global warming, since he was such a champion of the National Parks, the West, and the outdoors.

Finally, I would invite Thomas Jefferson. I believe an engagement between these four would be extremely valuable for our modern predicaments, and I would especially like to hear his thoughts on the Founding Fathers, and what they really had in mind when they framed the Constitution and our government. I believe these four individuals represent several stages in our society, and getting them together would turn out to be a fascinating and extremely enlightening fantasy dinner..


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