Correction of Seven Myths About

Myth 5 is that patients will never be able to stop taking medication even though studies have found that patients were able to function without medication later on in their illnesses. The challenge to Myth 5, schizophrenics are either unable to work or can only achieve at a low level of function, is poorly disputed. The authors present evidence that work is good for mental health patients, but lack empirical evidence of schizophrenics functioning at a high level. Myth 7 is that families cause schizophrenia.

However, studies have failed to show that family factors are necessary and sufficient causes of

In challenging myths about schizophrenia, Harding and Zahniser do a better job at showings some myths to be false than they do for others. Still, their work is valuable across evaluating the merits of all myths because it encourages mental health professionals to challenge commonly held assumptions and to explore the unique needs of their patients.


Harding, C.M. And Zahniser J.H. (1994). Empirical correction of seven myths about.


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