Early Childhood Education Is a

Early childhood educators need to make a thorough study of the background family and community relationship in which a child is growing up. The findings of such investigations can then be used to optimize the teaching process and dissolve any negative connotations that may work to the childs detriment. On the other hand, both the family and community can work concomitantly towards the childs success later in life. The educator therefore needs to cultivate healthy parental and community relationships for the children in his or her care.

Early childhood educators also need to be aware of legislation that could profoundly affect the structure of classes, as well as the demographic and number of students that they can reasonably be expected to teach. One such bill is the 2008 School Finance Act, signed by Gov. Ritter (Dreyer, 2008). The bill involves allowing a large number of at-risk children aged between 3 and 4 to enter high quality preschools. While this is in keeping with the spirit of equality in the United States, it also profoundly affects the structure of classrooms and the demographic of the children involved.

Teachers need to take into account the affect that these demographic changes could have on their specific groups of children.

This should integrate with the educators awareness of their students community and home backgrounds. Such an awareness can help raise the educators sensitivity regarding any cultural conflicts or hostility towards new children.

In conclusion, being aware of legislation, regulations, and policies regarding education is a vitally important part of an early childhood educators career. Indeed, such knowledge will help such educators to optimize their efforts towards creating a future United States that is truly as fair and democratic as the most idealistic dreamers vision.


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