I think about that when I look in the mirror, and see my dark hair, olive skin, and wistful smile. My father gave me my name, and that is just another reason I am so proud to carry it. its an old-fashioned name, to be sure, but that suits me, I think. I dont have old-fashioned values in some areas, but in others, Im very much the traditional girl. I may be a single mother, but like parents of all ages, I want more for my son, and I want him to appreciate who he is and who he comes from. Sometimes I think that my father named me perfectly, because my name is special, and he wanted me to feel special, too. I do, and not because so many people dont understand my name.

I feel special because my father gave me a gift of a wonderful name, that rolls off my tongue and hovers over me like a bird in flight. I am Eliza with a Z, and I would never change that..


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