Ethics of Computing Technologys Effects

These displaced workers need to have the opportunity to re-invent themselves and discover additional core strengths they can transition into new careers with. In effect the programs essential for transitioning workers misplaced by automation need to resemble the processes in technology incubator (Cooper, Park, 2008) where core strengths of new technologies are found and applied to problems. The same development and nurturing process needs to happen for these workers as well. To give them income, healthcare or any “safety net” is to invite them to give up on improving themselves. Instead, the focus needs to be on giving them an opportunity to contribute in organizations again and get focused on pursuing a new career. During the training period financial assistance needs to be provided, yet to completely subsidize their lives due to their jobs being replaced by automation is a mistake. Incenting these workers to go after entirely new career objectives and continue making contributions is far better than just bailing them out and paying for them to retire and live off of a welfare system for years to come. its better to get them back to work, using their minds and giving them a chance to redefine their careers and continue growing professionally.

Giving these displaced workers the opportunity to gain marketable skills through training is the best approach.


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