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What one can determine from the current literature, however, was that todays recession was fueled, at least in part, by the misuse and misdistribution of credit. For this reason, the current culture shift is most likely a solution to the problem it itself. Responding to the recession, the American people have changed their attitude toward politics, spending, and the importance of finances in their daily lives. By spending less, relying on credit less, and saving more, the American people are bound to aid in ending the current financial crisis. Government, on the other hand, must step in to regulate what the people cannot in their own personal finances. By encouraging the Democratic plans of tax cuts and job creation, the American people can continue to advocate for the solution of the problem. Thus, finance and the economy are large contributors to a groups culture. The current recession is no exception, but the culture change initiated by the recession may actually help heal that recession in the end.


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