For this, vehicle sales companies will be contacted for joint promotional efforts. The Kwik Kova product can then be used in concomitance with car demonstrations in order to indicate the versatility of the product. Car sales can also be coupled with special discounts and gift certificates relating to the Kwik Kova product.

Related stores such as hardware or convenience stores can also be used for exhibition purposes. Here also, related products such as car shampoo and polish, can be used in order to offer discounts to customers. Discounts and specials can also be offered in a time- and quantity-related manner, with customers buying more than one cover receiving a related product free.

Kwik Kova will also be promoted via television, magazine, and internet advertising. Major auto companies will be approached in order to optimally exhibit the advantages of the product.

Place (Distribution) Strategy

The advertising strategy will work in concomitance with the distribution strategy. The schedule will begin with immediate delivery to New England, after which the Midwest region, the West Coast, the South and Southwest regions of the United States will be targeted. The schedule is set according to four weeks per region, in the order mentioned above.

Distribution will occur via the stores approached as mentioned above in the promotion strategy.

Auto companies, hardware and convenience stores will be the main avenues of distribution. Other possibilities include open air markets, the Internet, and mail order brochures. Further expansion possibilities can occur to foreign markets. This can be initiated via the Internet, with overseas shipping charged from foreign customers. This will require thorough investigation in terms of product availability in foreign markets.


The marketing program is handled by the Johnson Controls Marketing Team. It is structured as follows:

Robert Johnson (Vice President & CEO)

Manager in charge of Product Manager in charge of Sales,

Planning and marketing research Advertising and Promotion

Planning, marketing and sales staff.

Robert Johnson is the Vice President of Marketing for the Kwik Kova product. The two managers under him are in charge of the two different departments that handle product planning and marketing research, and sales, advertising and promotion, respectively. These managers will in turn be in charge of the various teams that help them accomplish the goals of each respective department.

These teams will operate both separately and in concomitance with each other. Regular communication and collaboration will be necessary in order to optimize the strategic tasks of the departments..


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