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Typical examples include the occupations held by males and females and their recreational interests. Social role theory is particularly important in connection with sexual mores that prescribe very different sexual and courtship roles based on gender.

Connection between concept and article:

The article Gender Is a Relative Term in Politics, Study Finds incorporates the concept of social role theory in the way it describes the extreme rarity of female political candidates facing male candidates in high-level face-to-face debates in connection with political races. In the Unites States, it has been almost a quarter of a century since a male and female candidate for high-level national political office faced each other in a debate. This is a direct function of the extent to which social expectation influences males and females differently to aspire to political office or achieve other positions of relative social power.

While the article focuses on the issue of political candidacy in particular, the concept of social roles attributed to gender actually permeates contemporary society in many other ways, much more generally. For example, various occupations and recreational interests have distinctly masculine or feminine connotations in society. In that regard, males are expected to enter physically demanding or dangerous careers like construction or law enforcement and to pursue sports like weight lifting. Conversely, females are expected to enter fields like nursing and to pursue passive.


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