Global Warming and the Peak

While global warming may be of concern to the planet, the peak oil problem is of equal concern to the human element. Without the technologies we currently enjoy, lives across country boarders will be forever changed. Most scientists have already concluded that oil has reached its peak and can only decline until it has run dry. While drilling in the Middle East and Alaska holds some promise, it is only a temporary solution to the problem. If this peak oil problem continues to persist without significant fuel usage reduction or alternative fuel development, the future will quickly become oil depleted. Not only will the “me” of the future be unable to enjoy a quick trip to the supermarket or video store in a car or on a motorcycle, but also technological and medical innovations will cease, and research into the arts will be replaced by an overwhelming need for one ultimate priory — survival.

Overwhelmed with this task, we will abandon the desire for learning and inquiry that we now hold dear. In a world filled with men and women who are only trying to survive, who are not searching for learning, love, or justice, I could not reside, as removing the desire for searching and learning removes the human element.

Although scientists and politicians will give polished explanations for global warming and the peak oil problem, I am convinced about the importance of this issue only because of the human element. By changing my behavior, by walking instead of driving, turning off my heat and using the fireplace, and opening the windows instead of using the air conditioning, I can preserve the human element, and I can preserve the comfort of that future “me.”.


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