Goals for Graduate Study and

I was then able to provide him with some academic advisement by suggesting ways that he could become better organized and not procrastinate with his work.

A also listened to his problems and suggested ways that he could deal with them more easily. I suggested to him that he practice confidence and speak to the bully verbally, but that he should never use any anger toward that person. At our next meeting he informed me that he did try it and the boy had stopped bullying him. I also had the opportunity to help solve problems for other conflicts. For example, I coached a volleyball team of high school girls for three years. There came a time when I had to be a mediator, and this was really what gave me the idea to become a counselor due to the way I coached and counseled my players. It brought a lot of success to those players, both on and off the court.

As for other information that may be helpful in making your decision, I have found that many children find comfort in me as well as indicate that they are able to trust me with their problems.

They also generally follow through with respect to my advice. I have heard their problems regarding school bullying, pressure from their peers, low self-esteem, and countless other issues. A school counselor helps with academic advisement as well, of course, and I myself am very organized and encourage others to be the same. I also encourage good behavior and show children that they can realize their potential. With hard work and determination it is possible to do anything. Growing up in a positive atmosphere is what helps a child to have good self-esteem. As a school counselor, I would love to have each of my students believe in himself or herself and work hard in school because that is how opportunities open up. From my experiences dealing with children, I developed knowledge and an enormous desire to help them on a personal level. To be a school counselor is an obvious choice for me to become a productive member of society, enjoy my work, and benefit others.


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