K.C. Adams Aboriginal Photography: In

Furthermore, the defiant and different poses of each model allows for uniqueness of each model, showing their individual personalities and dispositions. In “Cyborg Hybrids” the montage structure is different than that in “Useless Beauty.” While “Useless Beauty” combined a series of photos of both material images and models in an upside down “L” shape, Cyborg Hybrids” is a single horizontal line of models wearing the same necklace and white T-shirt. In this photo, models look directly at viewers, daring them to make assumptions. The uniformity of uniform makes a sarcastic statement about the belief that persons of one ethnicity and race are all the same. Despite their similarity in pose and dress, the models are each very noticeably different.

Though his photographs are certainly unique and socially important, K.C. Adamss photographs can be characterized by both positive and negative traits.

Positive traits of K.C. Adamss work include the socially responsible statements, vibrant use of poses and expressions, and collage or montage style. Negative traits include the possibility that one may be offended by the work and a tendency for the meaning of the work to overshadow its artistic quality. For instance, some objects in “Useless Beauty” like the T-shirt and rabbits fur did not photograph well. Thus, K.C. Adamss work makes an exemplary aesthetic and social statement despite having some flaws.

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