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The Pro-Elite or Silver Program: Includes the Professional Makeup, Professional Fashion Makeup, and the Hair for the Makeup Artist

The Master Level or Gold Program: Includes Professional Makeup, Professional Fashion Makeup, and the Hair for the Makeup Artist and Professional Airbrush course series.


Why is your price lower than other schools?

Rather than spending critical time and resources sitting in lectures, our sessions are concentrated and intense — we keep the prices low by keeping the focus on hands-on activities in classes, rather than lengthy lecture sessions with lots of bells and whistles that you dont need.

Why are your hours shorter than other schools?

Our technique is unique — rather than having you practice on your fellow students, which results in wasting 50% of student time spent in class, we bring in models from the industry. This is also a more realistic example of the types of models you will find yourself working on, over the course of your career.

What type of makeup is in your kits?

All of our makeup is provided for our students, and our samples are constantly rotated to keep up with industry standards. Because we are located on a studio set, we are able to become very aware of industry trends and use top of the line make-up that is the very latest in product design. After you leave a course, you should be able to walk onto a studio set or into a fashion show and feel comfortable with all of the products at your fingertips.

How long are lectures and hands on training?

Our classes are split, using a 20% lecture and 80% hands on format. While in other schools you may have a fifteen- minute lecture in a four hour day, half of your hands on experience involves functioning as a model — however, by using industry models, all of your time in out classes is spent efficiently, getting practical experience.

Do you have financial aid? Does your school have payment options?

For more information on financial aid consult Sallie Maes Career Training Loan (,Loan to Learn Program by Educap ( or 1-800-to-LEARN or) and American General Financial Services ( are sources of financial assistance to students seeking training.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, because we pre-buy all materials, we cannot offer cash refunds, but we do allow students to reschedule classes if they are not able to attend the session for which they initially register. Refunds are issued on cancelled classes. Rescheduled classes are NOT considered cancelled classes. In the case of illness or other unforeseeable circumstances, a student forced to terminate the program midway may complete the course at a later date, through making up sessions at another course of the same name.

Why should I choose your academy?

If youre like many of our students, getting professional training to be a makeup artist is something that youve been dreaming about for a long time. You know you have the talent, and the ambition. Our program gets you on a studio lot and the minute you walk into the school, you are treated like a working professional. You work on models, not fellow students, and you dont spend your time listening to lectures or sitting in a chair, being used as a model yourself. We transition you immediately into the career that you desire, and give you the option to develop a variety of marketable skills. There are no hidden fees, all materials are provided for, and the makeup we provide is the type and quality you will be using in the field — see for yourself, observing the type of makeup design and application that occurs on the studio lot right outside our door!

The time has come to turn your dreams into a reality.


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