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Clippers recent Outstanding Research and Development Partnership Award from the U.S. Department of Energy will hopefully be a harbinger of partnerships with the department.

Given that the significant potential of wind power to provide a renewable source of energy is currently unknown by much of the public, engaging in a public relations campaign through television and the Internet is essential to marketing Clipper and creating a demand for companies to use its sustainable source of energy. Promoting Clipper through noncommercial sources like public radio and local and network news stations in an informational, presentational fashion designed to educate the public about the power of wind to generate energy would be one way to spread the word about the advantages of wind power and create a positive buzz about the company. This would be a form of low-pressure, subtle advertising that would likely resonate amongst individuals who would want to promote Clipper, such as environmentalists.

Clipper WindPowers international presence in forward-thinking nations such as Sweden (which has never denied the reality of global warming) might make partnerships with any number of EU governments or the EU itself a reality.

Although initially expensive to install, because of wind powers potential to generate energy and cost savings, partnerships with the developing world might be another possibility. Clipper must position itself as a global company, with an eye upon the future to secure financing and generate interest with a variety of corporate, government, and even international associations committed to sustainable sources of energy.

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