Marketing Knowing the Readiness Stage

In the liking stage, the company will aim its ad to turning the information provided into a positive reception from the customers. Additional information may help, but it is most useful to put it into a good light, like IKEA did in its ads to show how making the furniture on your own could be fun.

In the preference stage, the company will aim its ads to promoting some of the advantages of a product in comparison to those of a rival company. A TV ad that promotes Dominos shows a staff from rival Safeway company ordering a pizza from Dominos.

In the conviction phase, the marketer will aim to build confidence for the client that the product is better than a rival one. Ads will contain recommendations and feedback from other buyers, for example, usually celebrities or experts. Finally, in the purchase stage, the ads may be aimed towards customer retention, advertising sale discounts, for example.


Last retrieved on November 6, 2008.


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