Massachusetts Teacher Standards the Most

Denying this flexibility denies the children the right they have to a challenging and ultimately productive education, which consists not only of the material learned but the life-lessons absorbed by the process of learning itself.

Specific tools I would implement to ensure compliance with the legal and ethical requirements of teaching would be a utilization of student-led activities, and at the same time many independent projects. The group work would be structured such that everyone had a chance to be a leader of some sort; to find the way that they work best in and with a group, and to learn the responsibility of having others to work with. This will also promote interaction among diverse social groups.

This latter effect would also be the purpose of the independent projects, which not only would allow each student to adapt the assignment to their own learning style and pace, but also to share something about their lives as a way to expose the class to a diversity of backgrounds. I believe these methods would be effective in meeting the Massachusetts Teacher Standard and, more importantly, in helping an increasingly diverse population of.


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