Pass the Writing Test There

In this paper as in the “Torture” paper I have demonstrated an improvement in my use of tone. The early versions of these papers were not written with a formal academic voice. The casual tone detracted from the potency of the arguments I presented. The latest versions of these papers have a more professional tone to them. The papers read like academic papers, rather than op-ed pieces. I consider this one of the most important transitions I have made this semester.

There is still room for improvement in my work. I can see even now, looking at those papers, some instances where the tone is inappropriate. I have worked hard to build strong introductions but I can see that the theses in both of these papers are not yet strong enough. I know that quality writing flows from quality research.

I hope to continue to improve my writing in the coming months by developing stronger theses and allowing my research to flow from those theses. This will give me better supporting points, which will in turn improve the structural strength of my work.

When I started the semester, my writing was not at a university level. However, I have learned how to build an introduction and build strong points in support of it. The different versions of my two essays show a clear progression towards tighter structure, more powerful introductions and a more professional tone. While there is still significant room for improvement in my writing, the improvement I have demonstrated shows that I am now capable of writing at a university level. I have the fundamental skills, the solid structure, the tone and the confidence to deliver a.


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