Poblic Policy: Privacy the Matter

This does not mean that the government is willingly misusing the information, but that, due to numerous forces, the data collected could end up in the wrong hands and hurt the American individual and community. This is often possible due to the complexity of the it system storing the data base, but also the rich imagination of internet pirates (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2007). The matters of privacy violation have become a highly debated issue, with multiple implications. To the society, it could mean even chaos, when considering that the private data fall into the hands of thieves who use it to steal, blackmail and control the members of society. Then, was such a situation to occur, the image and good intentions of the government would be severely affected. The business community would also take a major hit if its transactions and internal affairs became public or entered in the possession of a mal-intended individual. Similar to the government, other stakeholders such as the IRS, the DMV or T-mobile would also lose the trust of their customers and financial results, as well as operational outcomes, would significantly decrease.

In terms of recommendations, the government should better secure their it systems in order to make them impenetrable by unauthorized personnel. However the strategy would increase their competencies and also the safety of the information, it would also imply additional costs. Relative to the usage and collection of private data, the adherent laws should be better regulated. This would take up more time, but it would ensure increased security within the society and its institutions.


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