Pogson and Tennant Which Do

These people can use what they have done in their lives to better understand what they will do in the classroom. This makes sense, and should not be discounted. However, if someone is illiterate and cannot read the material at all, doing well on tests and completely comprehending what is being discussed seems as though it would be an almost impossible task. It would certainly cause a lot of frustration and aggravation on the part of the student, and likely on the part of the teacher, as well. With this being the case, it seems unrealistic for Pogson and Tennant to indicate that adult learners who are not literate can get through education programs that are designed for literate individuals just based on their practical or life experience.

3. What reasons can you think of as to why it might not “fit” you?

This particular idea would not fit me for several reasons. First, it is not something that I have seen in my educational experience. Instead, I have seen individuals who have trouble with a particular subject get a tutor to help him or her get through that subject. I have also seen people drop out because they cannot understand or keep up with the subject matter that they are given. Some people have made it through with poor grades but managed to graduate. However, I have not yet seen an illiterate person go through an adult education program and do well in it based solely on his or her practical or life experience. These people should be applauded for wanting to do better and have a better life and get more education, but they often need a lot of help to get through their schooling.

There is nothing wrong with getting this kind of help. My only argument with this particular theory is that I do not think the way that Pogson and Tennant present it is realistic for the real world.

A also do not have this type of experience in my own life. While I do rely on real-world intelligence and past experience to help understand the subject matter that I am taught, I know that literacy and understanding of what is read is also vital to helping me succeed. I simply cannot imagine not being able to read and do not understand how I would get through school if reading ability and comprehension were not skills that I possessed. Even being able to read well has little effect unless there is good comprehension. I think that most of these theories are really not a good fit for me because that means putting a person in a box and labeling that person in a specific way. I believe that everyone learns differently and that labeling someone a specific type of learner restricts that persons capacity to learn because he or she might not be offered other options that might actually work well for him or her. By staying open to all the options, a teacher can help to ensure that adult learners will have the highest possible chance.


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