Pricing Strategies Watch the GE

How do the sites support the positioning and pricing of the three brands?

They are dramatically different, with the Monogram site being completely separate, supporting the premium positioning. The site is done to connote the premium position and the use of these appliances in custom homes. GE Profile is more mainstream and focuses on the stylish yet utilitarian aspects of their product line. The GE site itself is more focused on functionality of products. The differences in branding and website approach in terms of positioning and pricing a significantly different and support the unique value propositions of each product series clearly and very well.

As a consumer, how do you perceive GEs appliance pricing? Is it good or fair to consumers? Are you happy with its pricing decisions?

Given how expensive it is to produce high quality appliances and the costs consumers incur when appliances arent working correctly, I think their pricing on the GE and GE Profile is fair. The Monogram Series seems inflated, even for a premium brand.

The bottom line is that GE does deliver some of the more reliable appliances, and ensuring manufacturing, sourcing and procurement of materials is done well, the costs are justified..


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