Product and New Product Development

Describe eGOs design process. How is it similar to the process detailed in the chapter?

The eGO design process is comparable to the concepts in the book in that it strives to create innovative solutions to long-established and well-known problems. The costs of transportation continue to escalate, and eGO concentrates on creating a solution for the challenge of short-range transactions with their products.

Visit eGOs website to learn more about products the company offers. What stage of the product life cycle is the eGO vehicle experiencing? What do you learn from eGos product development experience?

A eGO is in the new product introduction phase of not only their product but also an emerging industry of motorized and eco-friendly low-end cycles.

The launch of the eGO series of cycles globally is actually a pivotal point in the industry of low-end cycles, with the launch covering several continents. In terms of lessons learned from eGos product development experience, the most insightful one is that competition is not as relevant as knowing the unmet needs and expectations of customers before building a new cycle. Knowing distances, how many items they want to carry, and the total cost.


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