Project Management NAIJA75 How Does

Because this work is done during hours when most people are not working, this could ensure more focus and less disruption.

On the other hand, working more hours could lead to less productivity because some employees experience fatigue and burnout.

How can a cost-duration graph be used by the project manager? Explain.

A cost-duration graph reminds project managers of the significance of indirect costs and how they impact the project. It can be used before or during the project implementation as a tool to evaluate options, and if necessary lessen activities to decrease cost.

It is possible to shorten the critical path and save money. Explain how.

Having indirect project costs that equal more than the extra cost to shorten the critical path, will save money.

Chapter 10

What is the difference between leading and managing a project?

As the leader of a project, the individual is responsible for the overall plan, making sure the project schedule and teams are clearly defined, and that all is progressing as it should. The manager is accountable for the efficiency and accuracy of activities and any personnel issues that may arise.

3. What does the exchange model of influence suggest you do to build cooperative relationships to complete a project?

No man is an island and at some point, everyone requires the assistance of others in order to complete a task. One way to make certain you have help when you need it is by providing others with your time and supplies when they need it.

5. Why is it important to build a relationship before you need it?

Establishing relationships with individuals before you need their aid is advantageous because when you do eventually need their help, you will not have to spend time networking and developing those bonds.

7. Why is trust a function of both character and competence?

There is the project manager who is good at his or her job but his or her co- workers do not believe the motives behind accomplishing the task are trustworthy.

Co-workers trust the individuals competence but not character. An efficient project manager, or any worker for that matter, must have a.


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