Sales and Loyalty Describe Any

He also knew that Time Warner Cable has at times been known to zap televisions with too much voltage and a few had been damaged. This had actually been written about in the local press. In short, what made this situation unique was the knowledge the sales person had of the local market and the potential hazards to such a large investment in entertainment.

Second, the cross-sell strategies (Reinartz, Thomas, Bascoul, 2008) at Best Buy also centered on making the flat screen television more integrated into my existing stereo system as well. As there is already an amplifier, receiver and a series of speakers in the room where the television sis going, the Best Buy salesman was able to draw and define an approach for me to integrate all the components together. At first I didnt believe him yet after I went back home and looked at the connectors on my components; I realized that it would in fact work. I came back and bought the necessary components and have had them working ever since with the flat screen television.

While the cross-sell and up-sell cost me well over $300 in total, the new television has now become the foundation of my home entertainment system. Best Buy was successful in cross-selling and up-selling me due to the knowledge of the sales person and their patience in understanding my unique requirements and needs. The integration of my home system to the new television also made the cross-sell and up-sell process, while expensive, more valuable for me as well.


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