Samsung in a Global Market

Another major problem seen in this case is the issue that the majority of mangers within Samsung did not view marketing as an important key tool in the effort to fulfill the companys global strategies. However, this was slowly changed as a new marketing system was put into place within the company. Yet, this strategy took several years to fully infiltrate the minds of the managers in Samsung, who were only convinced after being shown real results from the new marketing strategy, and the lack of faith in this new marketing system proved how much work would be needed to finally internalize it.

These problems have plagued Samsungs goal of catching up with major competitors such as Sony. They are not the only issues by far; however, the issues of remaining out of the software industry as well as the hardship faced at the inception of adopting new marketing strategies proved to help hinder the company from its global goals.

Samsung should definitely invest in future software endeavors in order to not only catch up with brands like Sony, but also to ensure further diversification of their products, which has been a staple of the company since its inception in the 1930s. In order not to face further complications with their new marketing strategies, Samsung needs to seriously consider what elements of their current staff made the last transition so difficult and long to become standard protocol. All staff should have faith within the decisions of higher management, and if they dont there is no way transitions can go smoothly. Therefore Samsung either needs to focus on making current staff faithful in such endeavors, or look into replacing certain positions which are valuable to global marketing to.


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