Sit Through “What Just Happened?”

The cast — including Bruce Willis as himself with a new-found sense of artistic commitment that includes a beer and a belly, John Turturro as his anxiety-ridden agent (especially fun to watch), and Robert De Niro as a producer dealing with two crumbling projects and a second crumbling marriage. His teenage daughter (Kristen Stewart) throws in some fun, if predictable antics, too.

If the characters had a little more depth, the comedy and the story would play better.

Only one character actually is an adolescent, but everyone behaves that way. Even if this is an accurate description of Hollywood, its no fun to watch. People go to the movies to get away from their teenagers, not babysit someone elses, and this movie felt like a chore. My regular readers know I am loathe to adopt a points system, but I have to say that this one deserves at least six-and-a-half.


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