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It is presumed that these personnel will bear the brunt of the added pressure of daily deadlines so care must be taken to ensure that enough personnel are hired and trained to understand and cope with those pressures.

Thirdly, a step should be taken to implement an action plan that will take into consideration any problems or hinderances towards reaching the objective, address those concerns and provide solutions to them. This document provides many of the steps and the preparatory information necessary to formulate that action plan.

The action plan should define the steps necessary for accomplishing the objective and should include deadlines for achieving those steps. As this formula is followed it ensures the success of the venture. For example, the action plan details who should be hired, how the product will be moved through the system, who is responsible for each and every step along the way, and how to evaluate whether the venture is achieving its stated objectives.

Reaching the stated objective can also be achieved by having early wins in the ventures process. Early wins for this venture would include a national rollout by geographic area. Choosing the correct area to implement the first foray is therefore very important. The area chosen for this honor must meet certain marketing conventions and demographics. The marketing department should be able to provide the venture with the data showing a number of considerations. Those considerations should include; the amount of disposable income, the professional status of the geographical citizenry, and whether the area contains consumers who are inclined to purchase online. Of importance (of course) is whether the factor of having same-day delivery is a priority to the consumers, or not.

After choosing the geographical area and retail stores in that area who will participate in the initial rollout of the program, it is of extreme importance that any consumer, and employee feedback is documented and considered before further rollouts are initiated. A consistent and regular feedback program should be in place as each new geographical area is added to the program.

Success should build on success, so addressing the perceived (or real) problems with the program is a high priority and should become a regular feature of the online program.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this entire venture is the communication necessary to ensure the success of this program. This communication should flow from the hourly worker to his/her immediate supervisor. The information should travel the chain of command to the Director of Online Delivery Department who will then report to the President, as well as to the Board of Directors. Regular and consistent reports of all aspects of the program should be compiled and expedited in a timely manner to all concerned parties. An open-door policy should be adhered to in order to facilitate the dissemination of such information.

Communication is also important between the customer and Target. The program might address such communications through the use of the Customer Service Department (CSD). Individuals employed by the CSD would have to be trained in the use of technology as well as being cognizant of the online programs features. Customer Service personnel should be readily available to address any and all problems with orders, and communications should always be handled in a professional and courteous manner. Open communication lines will foster an environment of cooperation and enhance the online purchasing experience.

Further marketing communications should also be undertaken. Since the names and addresses (email and home) of the purchasing consumers will be available, a campaign to market additional products online to these consumers is a no brainer. Monthly communications regarding special online purchases might be effective.

This document provides the impetus to initiate this program but further considerations, as with any venture, will always crop up. Addressing the issues in a timely and effective manner will ensure the viability of the venture and provide substantial upside potential profit.

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