Technology of Wireless Networking in

As one expert notes, “Access to patient information by healthcare professionals at the point of patient care is critical to improving patient safety. Physicians and nurses move between patients reviewing, documenting and delivering care” (Author not Available, 2007, p. 2). Using wireless technology helps improve productivity, because doctors and nurses do not have to return to a fixed computer, and they can use other devices right away. Ultimately, this reduces costs and time spent between patients, and improves the quality and effectiveness of care.

Wireless technology reduces costs because it allows personnel to be more efficient. It also reduces the need for some staff, like medical records, as these records ultimately are input into the computers. Other areas of healthcare, such as asset management, also benefit from wireless technology, as high-cost assets can be monitored electronically to reduce theft and vandalism (Author not Available, 2007, p. 3).

Using wireless technology can drastically improve patient care and record keeping.

Another report notes that one hospital experienced numerous improvements after implementing the technology. They write, “Lab reports, MRI, ultrasound and X-Ray images became more readily available. Patient charting, prescription writing and patient registration all became faster and more accurate with Motorola WAN and LAN solutions” (Editors, 2008, p.1). Thus, this technology can be costly to install, but it makes almost all aspects of the facility more productive and advanced, and that leads to better, less-costly healthcare for patients, and more efficiency and value for the staff.


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