To the Minister of Health;

It is my belief and the underlying purpose of this
correspondence to make the argument that our childrens health and well-
being is far too important to leave subject to a question of economic
As many ordinary citizens can certainly attest, “far too many people
who are not poor enough to be on social assistance and certainly not
wealthy enough by any definition to afford the cost of these drugs are left
to fend for themselves.” (Gillis, 1) The idea that any of our citizens
could slip through the cracks of the public system is suggestive of some
disconnect between these citizens and their government. Therefore, I
believe that you have to do more to reach out directly to those who in the
areas of greatest need. A good way to do this might be to channel the
selected message of access universality needed through an effective
conduit. On the subject of prescription drug plans, we are therefore given
very good reason to believe that the local pharmacist would be an ideal
According to a recent article, “85% of Ontarians agree that
pharmacists put the health of patients before economic gain.” (CNW Group,
1) This means that we should consider the pharmacist as a potentially
important community figure in the fight against the inaccessibility of
prescription drugs for our children.

Therefore, I am recommending the
consideration of a public program which helps to train pharmacists to
actively provide patients with information about generic medication
alternatives, programs for prescription coverage assistance and a generally
supportive approach to customer interaction.
Please consider this correspondence an attempt to encourage greater
dialogue and action on the subject of childrens access to quality
medicine. Therefore, this set of recommendations also includes a plan for
unequivocally universal access and outreach for children in need of
coverage. Partnering with local and regional pharmacies and pharmacists
would be an effective way to spread awareness of universal cover
opportunities for children.
It is urgent that we act today, purely for the reason that every day
without the proper medication can mean one less healthy, happy child. That
cost is simply too high to allow. Please take into careful consideration
the issues and recommendations here raised. Ontarios future is dependent
upon it.
Thank you for your serious consideration of the matters here raised.

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