Treo a Regional Economic Development

Moreover, the clusters are large enough to work with government to further mutual economic goals. The industry clusters that have been targeted by TREO are aerospace/defense, analytical instruments, medical devices, bio-industry, environmental technology, R&D, it, business services, financial services and logistics.

4) the importance of workforce development and education in developing a high tech economy is that a stronger workforce helps to attract new firms. High tech firms prefer to locate in places to which they do not need to attract their entire workforce. To address education and development needs, TREO is seeking to provide pathways to allow existing workers to develop their skills; retaining more of Tucsons higher education graduates; pushing more of the technology developed at the University of Arizona into the global marketplace; cultivating a thriving environment, culture and infrastructure for new entrepreneurial ventures; and encouraging foreign direct investment.

5) a vibrant downtown is the center for the entire urban area. A vibrant downtown is indicative of a vibrant community as a whole; lack of a vibrant downtown indicates an urban area that is deficient or run-down.

Downtowns are important to attract young workers who prefer an urban lifestyle. TREO has made the development of Tucsons downtown one of its top priorities. TREOs blueprint identifies the following elements as most important in downtown development: forming a downtown development group; targeting quality growth zones; and to plan for smart growth.

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