Web Analytics Are Critical for

This ensures a high degree of relevancy for each message sent to HP customers, thereby driving up online sales of supplies, complimentary products and even replacement products. HP also uses this information to create a Master Data Management (MDM) to create a 360 degree view of their customers and fine-tune off-line marketing and selling strategies as well. The coordination of online and offline strategies for attracting, selling and serving customers is made possible with web analytics. Dell Gateway and IBM are also actively using web analytics to support their post-sales upgrade and services selling strategies. These analytics give these companies the opportunity to finely tune offers to specific audiences in larger segments. This micro-targeting of consumers is making it possible for Gateway to be successful in selling flat screen televisions for example, in addition to digital cameras.

Web analytics has made it possible for these companies to define entirely new product line extensions as well.


As multichannel management requiring synchronization of offline and online strategies, web analytics are critical for ensuring both are based on solid insights. The future of web analytics is becoming more intertwined with customer relationship management strategies is evident, and their practically has been proven in the consumer electronics industry in addition to many others.


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